Youth Strength, Conditioning and Agility:

Youth classes at CFM cover a variety of movements, from body-weight training, to weightlifting to gymnastics. Obviously we don't have seven year olds learning how to clean and jerk, but we will have seven year olds learn how to pick up a kettle bell, do single arm carries, and play with medicine balls. The more variety kids can be exposed to in sports, the better their overall coordination becomes. This co-ordination and skill adaptation then transfers over to any sport they may participate in, and since they will find themselves fitter, they can spend more energy on learning the sport specific skills as practice goes on.

Youth classes incorporate team work, focus, sportsmanship, and self-discipline, all valuable life skills. We challenge kids to try new things, and to constantly be the best they can be on any given day. We believe that the best kind of competition is internal, and so encourage everyone to only compete against themselves and the clock, and as long as they have given everything they can on a day, that's all we ask.

Finally, we try to instill an appreciation of fitness to all our members. If we can get kids understanding that not only is it healthy to be active, but that they actually feel better, (both physically and mentally), when they are active, it can be a powerful combatant against childhood obesity, and the general trends of hours spent in front of screens.

Classes are challenging and can be adapted to all levels. They all start with some type of warm-up, followed by a focus session where we will review any skills being used that day. Then our youth athletes will have a small workout followed by a game at the end, and our pre-teen athletes will have a strength or skill development session prior to their workout and game.

We currently offer two age brackets, 7-9 year olds (youth) and 10+ olds (pre-teen/teen). Both classes are 45 minutes long.

Youth runs from 2:45-3:30 and pre-teen/teen runs from 3:45-4:30.

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