July 9, 2016


7:30 AM: OCR class. Coach Spencer, aka Spartan Spencer will be leading the class getting you ready for any and all types of Obstacle Course Races. If you haven't be sure to sign up. Class is available to EVERYONE. Free for CFM Athletes.

8:30 AM: Community WOD, Free Trial Class Day and Bring a Buddy to CFM day!

9:30 AM YOGA w/Ilana: CANCELLED FOR THIS WEEK JULY 9. Ilana WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK but here area few things you can do on your own:

1) Start with a lax ball under your foot, standing. Roll the bottom of each foot (1 min/ each side)

2) Put block under hips/sacrum (lowest way), Hug one knee into chest, extend other leg out long to stretch your psoas. 

3) Set up frog (being a stickler to keep your knees at a 90 degee angle and feet flexed!) hold for FIVE TO TEN MINUTES !!! (ok, hold for as long as you can without crying. Try up to 5)

4) Roll out your Piriformis by sitting up on the lax ball- this is towards the lateral side of the glutes. 2 minutes each side.

5) Set up a bar lower than squatting height (right below your nipple line) and stand with your right touching it, facing the board. Drape right arm over bar, so front of shoulder is getting smashed by barbell- weight right hand with a light dumbell. Keep back flat and stay there, finding troule areas in the front of the shoulder. Switch sides. 

6) stand under that barbell and mash your traps on it! 

7) Enjoy the rest of your weekend