Tuesday December 20, 2016

Today we will test your clean, but with a time constraint, you will have to be taking a rep every 90 seconds. Compare your 500m time to what we did a couple months ago!

SOD: Starting at 65% of your best clean, every 90 seconds complete one clean. If your clean is less then 120 go up by 5# every time, if b.w 120 and 180 go up by 10# every time, if b.w 180 and 250 up by 15, more than 250 up by 20.
Go for as long as you can.

250m easy row
30 sec all out row
Rest 60 sec
30 sec all out row
Rest 2 min
500m TT (time trial)
foam roll quads, wall quad stretch at end of class if time