Monday December 12, 2016

This is oly day and 2-3 min WOD repeat day
These will rotate every other week between clean work and snatch work. Lots of EMOMS here, as a way to give you guys lots of reps with some loading, and not too much time to think about it all. More often than not these are of the power variety (so catching the lift in an above parallel position), and as our pulls and our squat positioning (see day 1 and day 6) improve we will incorporate the squat variations in as well.

The WODS are usually on the shorter side 2-3 mins long, with a 2 min break and then a repeat. Think of these as a way to work on pacing the slightly shorter WODS (in the 5-9 minute range). You can work at a slightly faster pace for the 2 minutes and maintain that because you've got the two minute recovery in between, and if you come out too fast, you won't be able to maintain that pace even with the built in recovery.

SOD: 12 min EMOM 2 PC, not TNG, build as you go

WOD:4 Rounds 2 min rest after each round
125 m row
8 Box Jump(24/20) (Scale to height to do box jumps, no step ups today, but you can step down from the box)