Friday November 18, 2016

A1. wall facing shoulder taps 4X10-14 (total). focus this week on staying TIGHT and HOLLOW while upside down. scale to box taps or plank taps Rest 30 sec > A2
A2. single leg candlestick roll ( 4X6/leg - scale to two legs OR to make it harder to the single leg going both going down AND coming back up out of it10 reps Rest 30 sec > A3
A3. 30 sec Farmers Carry Hold 70/53 (one KB in each hand) - For those that came on Wed change this to 30 sec KB front rack hold (53/35)
Rest 30 sec > A1

3 wall walks (controlled all the way down, stay hollow the whole time)
30 DUBS (90 Singles) jump rope
5 strict pull-ups
5 strict ring dips
8 single leg candlestick rolls (4/side)