Monday Oct 10, 2016 regular schedule

SOD: A1. Back squat 6X3@ 3 sec down slow to bottom, right up then back to the slow three sec down Rest 30 sec after 3 rep set, then move to A2 (for back squat build to a weight over sets 1 and 2 to use for the last 3-4 sets and keep that weight across remaining sets. if you start too light, obviously it's ok to keep adding weight)
A2. Pull-ups 6X2+2@ 2 sec down slow to bottom, then right up to chin above bar, then back to slow 2 sec down. This is a cluster, so 2 pull-ups, Rest 15 seconds, 2 more pull-ups. Weighted as needed, but control the decent on all 4 reps Rest 90 sec then back to A1.

WOD: 15 min AMRAP
5 Power Snatch (115/75)
10 CTB pull ups
15 Hand Stand Push Ups (Scale either to box HSPUS or L-seated DB-press(