Oct 03, 2016


A1. Back squat 5X5 with 2 sec to bottom 1 sec hold @ bottom Rest 30 sec after the 5 reps then to A2. (Same rep scheme as last week but with only 1 second in bottom, should allow athletes to go heavier, but still work on that bottom position
A2. Pull-ups 5X6-8 reps with 2 to bottom then right up Rest 90 sec after 6-8 reps then A1   (If can't get 6 unbroken use a band. If 8 reps is easy, add weight or reduce band assistance, but keep form looking good for all reps

WOD:  5 RFT (15 min CAP)
200m run or 300 m row
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Chest To Bar pull-ups