Monday Oct 17, 2016

A1. rear foot elevated split squat 3X6@30X0 (3 sec slow to bottom, explode up to top and repeat Rest 30 after the 6 reps then move to A2.
A2. DB bent over row 3X10-12@21X1 (2 secs from bottom to top, 1 sec hold on top, drop back to bottom position and hold for 1 sec, repaet 10-12 reps) Rest 60 sec then back to A1

WOD: 8-10 rounds time depending
100m run (one lap around building, 150 m row)
8-12 wall balls (UnBroken set each time, pick a number and stay with it)
20-30 DUBS (3x for single unders 60-90)
Rest 20 sec