Wednesday Oct 12, 2016

Strength of the Day (SOD: A1. split (jerk) stance press ( 3 x 5 @2 sec slow to bottom, explode up, 2 sec hold at top (light) Rest 15 sec then move to A2.
A2. hollow hold 3 x 35 sec Rest 30 sec then back to A1

B. OH Strict Press 6 x 2+2 (cluster, do 2 presses, re-rack rest 15 seconds 2 presses - that is one set. Sets 1 & 2 build up to heavy cluster, sets 3-6 same weight across all sets) 2 min rest btwn sets

WOD: 500m row @ 4cx 2 min rest between
Record lowest and fastest times, goal is no drop off!
Compare from two weeks ago as a guide, if you were right on, try to go a little bit faster each time. if you fell off pace, try to start at one that is more maintainable