Peter Blackstone

Pete's the man! He's always ready to go with a "LET'S GO!" attitude and I never hear him complain - Coach T

Other coaches describe Peter as a hard worker and a pleasure to coach. He may be quiet but when he speaks he's worth listening to!

More about Peter...

What got you into CrossFit?

I got into Crossfit because I have always enjoyed training, but I found that what I was doing on my own lacked focus.  So I looked to Crossfit to help me keep my workouts fresh which definitely keeps me focused. 

What's something no one at CFM knows about you?

I guess they probably do not know that I am a huge supporter of the Travis Roy Foundation.  

What do you do when you're not in the gym?

When I'm not in the gym I am usually trying to keep up with my two daughters (Ailsa 8 and Morgan 5) and making sure to get them out skiing and exploring the water as often as possible.  

What's your favorite thing about CFM?

I found that when I was exercising on my own, I would do the exercises that I liked and that those were often the exercises that I was good at so I had plateaued.  Having someone there to help push you through the exercises that are hard is a really big deal and a very positive change for me.  That said, I also didn't appreciate how much risk I was taking by doing the exercises without proper training.  I am very thankful for the guidance we receive from the coaching staff.  

Do you have a goal or something you are training for this coming year?

I am training to stay young for my girls and to a lesser extent to prolong my beer league hockey career, but in the gym specifically I really want to improve my kipping for pull ups.  It's a standout weakness for me and I'm starting to see some progress, but I definitely need to keep at it.  

What's your favorite spot along the North Shore?

My favorite spot along the North Shore is the cliffs in Magnolia.  The cliffs themselves are exceptionally beautiful and it's a great fishing spot as well.