Chris Bingel

Chris comes into the gym every day and gives 110% effort! No mater what the WOD is, he listens to coaches, scales as needed, and gets it done. Chris is truly an inspiration.
— Coach T

All our coaches speak fondly of Chris, his dedication to making time for class in his busy schedule, and leading his son by example.

What got you into CrossFit?

More like who, that would be Coach Don, who's also my neighbor. He first got my son Bing to do the youth CF, and after watching him do it for a few months, I decided in order to further encourage Bing to keep going, I joined myself back in June.

What's something no one at CFM knows about you?

I've been a craft beer geek for the past 21 years, and on occasion I homebrew. IPA is my favorite style.

What do you do when you're not in the gym?What do you do when you're not in the gym?

When I have free time between CF, raising a teenage boy, and keeping the world safe from radiation (I work in Environmental Health and Safety), I like to cook, watch travel shows, and yes, even at my age, play on the Xbox.What's your favorite thing about CFM?

What's your favorite thing about CFM?

THE PEOPLE!! Everybody encourages everyone to be and do their best, from the coaches to the seasoned veterans, to rookies like myself. The vibe is always good, even on the days when you may not want to go, but you do anyway.Do you have a goal or something you are training for this coming year?

Do you have a goal or something you are training for this coming year?

I like to get my stamina and flexibility back, which is coming along. And of course shed some major pounds.

What's your favorite spot along the North Shore?

Hanging out at Crocker Park on a nice sunny morning, with a coffee in my hand, watching the boats in the harbor.