Eric Olson

Eric consistently shows up to the 5am, no complaints, and puts in the work. I can respect that! - Coach T



Other coaches describe Eric as a dedicated endurance enthusiast! And even when he has to work with a barbell he does it with a smile. 

More about Eric...

What got you into CrossFit?

Not a whole lot of thought went into it - my only exposure to CF was a friend who had recently started and was excited to be acting liking a "superhero" - climbing ropes, HSPUs, etc.  As it happened, I also had a free one-month membership to another local CF gym in my goody bag from a local triathlon; it was late fall and I was looking for something different to try in the off seasonI thought, rather naively, "I am a triathlete - how hard could CF be, really?" 

What's something no one at CFM knows about you?

During that first month there were days when I would pull into that CF gym's parking lot, pull away, turn around, drive back in, and repeat several times.  I had to literally battle myself to get out of the car and hit that day's WOD.  It was a very humbling experience.  

What do you do when you're not in the gym?

Spend as much time with my family as I can and working. 

What's your favorite thing about CFM?

While I certainly enjoy setting goals and achieving them, it's the little things that CFM has brought to me that I appreciate the most: the renewed ease with which I can carry my toddler in one arm and a full bag of groceries in the other, going for a surf after a long hiatus and not having sore shoulders/back for the next several days, shake someone's hand with a firm grip.  CF espouses the "functional fitness" concept it is those daily small reminders that keep me coming back to CFM.   

Do you have a goal or something you are training for this coming year?

I am usually signed up for either a run or triathlon for the most part all year long and have a half-marathon coming up in early November.  As far CF goals - I definitely want to finally perfect double unders and muscle ups.  

What's your favorite spot along the North Shore?

The small beach in my Marblehead neighborhood - Greystone