The Club


CrossFit Marblehead strives to build a better you by helping you utilize and develop your physical abilities. Our aim is to help you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and turn your strengths into functionality, all while staying strong, agile, and safe.

The club is located in historic Marblehead in the same facility as Leap Fitness. Members may enjoy a joint membership with both clubs, granting them access to both facilities to ensure that they consistently progress towards their goals.


Birthplace of the American Navy

The historic coastal town of Marblehead, Massachusetts is known to be the birthplace of the American Navy, with its roots dating back to the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Residents of Marblehead have been historically active in aquatic warfare and sports, and to this day Marblehead is widely known to be a popular sailing destination. Staying true to our historic roots, we aim to cultivate our members’ physical functionality, which may complement their other health-focused endeavours, whether it is sailing, weight-lifting, or team sports.

Leap Fitness

Our partnership with Leap Fitness, a fully-equipped and independently-owned gym, provides a perfect supplementation for our members to work towards their fitness and health goals. Leap Fitness has two locations — one in Marblehead and one in Fenway. We offer a joint membership, which enables our members to utilize both the CrossFit facilities, as well as both Leap Fitness locations.




Address – 
46 Tioga Way
Marblehead, MA 01945

T 781-631-6533