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Don Carter, Head Coach

Almost 8 years ago, the path back to fitness started it all for Don. CrossFit 133 Owner/Head Coach and good friend Dennis Floyd introduced CrossFit to Don and he was hooked. Don incorporates the CrossFit Philosophy into everything he does. This philosophy translates into continuous, high intensity, impactful, and a constantly varied style of workouts and way of life. Don believes that people stop exercising due to boredom which leads to set backs in their goals for health, wellness and zest for life. He strongly believes that constant variation in workouts defeats boredom. A diet of real food (such as the Paleo Lifestyle), LONG TERM COMMITMENT, setting high expectations for one self and achievable long and short term goals are the keys to fitness success. FIT is GREATER than skinny! 

During his early days of training, Don was the Assistant Track Coach for Salem State University. Don now has also taken his experiences into coaching his children in soccer, flag football, and tackle football. One of his proudest moments was when he ran alongside his son, 7 years old at the time, in a 5 mile road race. More recently Don has discovered and competed in obstacle course races. He played an integral part of the Build Team for the 2013 Spartan Race at Fenway Park.

You may hear Don tell his CF athletes to “Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable” or “Breakdown that mental barrier, your body can handle this, don’t let your mind stop you!!”

Don is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and CrossFit Endurance certified.

Anthony "Tony" Mattson, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, North Shore Tri Team Coach

I have been involved in all types of sports my entire life. Football, Basketball and Baseball where I pitched for Salem State University. As an adult I transitioned into more individual and combat sports such as boxing, and ju-jitsu. At the age of 25 I started training Mixed Martial Arts and competed for almost 3 years under Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts. I spent an extensive amount of time as a Fitness Coach for Beachbody as well as a Bootcamp Instructor for B&S Fitness in Salem MA. I stumbled into CrossFit after meeting a coach and went in to work out. Here I am 6 years later and I will never do anything else. People describe me as  someone who welcomes the dark side, meaning when it hurts and I feel like I cannot go on, I do. I welcome that. It is the only way to test myself and take my fitness to the next level. I really enjoy seeing our athletes progress and the community and sense of family that is created in the box I absolutely love. CrossFit is not just a workout program. It is a way of life. We are preparing ourselves each and every
day to conquer anything that may come about in the outside world. It builds confidence and is rewarding in so many ways. 

Francesca Trioli, Mobility and Endurance Specialist

Training Philosophy:   “I want you to be the BEST you that you can be.  It doesn’t matter where your starting point is, what matters is believing that YOU CAN!  Small successes are all it takes along the road to fitness to achieve not only your goals, but also a healthier, happier you.  It starts here!!

Personal Interests:  CrossFit, Martial Arts, reading, meeting new people, spending time with friends & family.

Education:  BA (Management & Finance/Marketing),  Endicott College; Associates Degree Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Marian Court College; Catherine HindsInstitute of Aesthetics

National Certifications:
Candidate for CrossFit Level 1
NASMCPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
NASMNeuromuscular Stretching
NASMSenior Fitness Specialist
NASM resistance training
NASM SAQ training
ACE bosu
ACE barre and more
AFAA hiit

Y Certifications: 
CPR & First Aid
LIVESTRONG for Cancer Survivors at the YMCA

Emily Record, CrossFit Coach and Youth Program Coordinator

Aside from being a coach for CFM Emily currently is also coach for Women’s Rugby team at Endicott College. She will be coaching heading up our Youth Strength, Conditioning and Agility classes, as well as, one on one personal training, and coaching our Thursday early AM and evening classes. She gearing up in the near future coaching enrichment and after school programs in Marblehead.

Here is some additional info on Emily!

"I started playing rugby in college, and continued afterwards for a few years playing with the Philadelphia Women's Rugby Club. In 2010-2011 I found CrossFit and transition from rugby player to rugby coach/CrossFit athlete. In 2013 I started coaching CrossFit as well and became more and more interested in the programming side as well as coaching the movements and fundamentals. I've competed in CrossFit and Strongman and coached both as well, I love watching people tackle odd instruments and helping people do things they thought were impossible when they walked through the doors. My favorite thing about coaching is anytime I get to watch someone do something they thought they couldn't. You just can't replicate that magic, and it's a feeling that I love."

Emily’s Certifications:

OPEX CCP Level 1 coach In-progress

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 2016


CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer 2015

CrossFit Strongman Trainer 2014

USA Rugby Level 1 and 2 2012

CrossFit Level 1 Certification 2012

Ilana Kasal, Yoga Instructor

We ALL could use more flexibility and mobility to help us with everything from a back squat, overhead squat to the pull up and muscle up. The list goes on. Are you getting low enough in your squat to clean those extra ten pounds for a PR? Or finding that shoulder mobility to clean without hurting your rotator cuff? By mixing yoga and mobility, we can work on not just being flexible, but making our flexibility improve our lifts, and protect our bodies from injury (we are NOT always supposed to be in pain!). Plus, who doesn't want to be just a little more bendy? Her unique teaching styles comes with over a decade of personal practice, a 200 hour training with Kat Mansfield and her own experience with injury and weight lifting! My training was a 200 RYT in Salem, but I also hold my bachelor's in Exercise Science from SSU. 

Diana Sutherland

I was first introduced to Crossfit in high school and instantly loved the sense of community and challenge that Crossfit contributed to my workouts. Working through new movements drove me to compete against myself and I always felt strong, healthy and accomplished when leaving the gym. When I began school at Endicott College, I lost touch with my routine and spent two years wishing I could make the time to commit to my workouts. After considering joining the rugby team at Endicott, I finally decided to give it a try my junior year. This is when I first met Coach Emily Record, and within a few practices I was hooked to my new sport. Stepping off the field from playing a game or completing a tough practice offers me that same feeling I got when leaving the Crossfit gym in high school. After spending six years as a certified lifeguard and swim instructor I'm excited to have the opportunity to coach again and to become a part of another CrossFit community!

Alex Vitet, Calisthenics Specialty Coach

I have been practicing Calisthenics  and martial arts since I was a former French military. A year ago, I accidentally tore one of my back muscles during Krav Maga training, which lead me to focus more on body weight training to assist better recovery. Since then, the calisthenics changed my life by gaining more strength, body control, balance and core resistance. Calisthenics are a school of patience and discipline but they are also full of fun, and I am pleased to share them with you today.

The human body is the most complicated and intelligent machine in the world. The beauty in this type of training is that you can progress at all ages!